Compacting technology


Advantages over edge mills or ring die compactors


The LMEngineering process offers numerous advantages over the compacting process with edge mills and die:

  • lower dry matter content is possible – down to 60%
  • possible additives are blended in evenly
  • modularly designed
  • thanks to the modular design, it is possible to slot in a pre-shredding device ahead the compacting unit
  • broad process window, especially in regards to dry matter content and particle size diversification

We generally recommend to test your material in our pilot plant, as this allows the configuration of the system to be adjusted for optimum results.


Semi-mobile compacting unit for straw, MSZ-C90

All components of the system are mounted on a platform trailer. This plant is used for compacting biogenic materials such as straw, rapeseed cake and sawdust. The plant is filled with raw materials, straw (in bale form), dried rapeseed cake and sawdust. These are fed to a mixer screw by means of appropriate dosers. The moisture content required for the process can be adjusted by adding water. The finished mixture is fed into the compacting extruder. The compacting extruder crushes, shreds, mixes and presses the substrates into a compact material which is conveyed via guide rails to a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt fills BigBags, which are attached to the side of the belt. The compacting system is fed by additional equipment that does not belong to the system.


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