Innovative system solutions for environmental technology

LMEngineering GmbH is a service-oriented company from the Saxon Vogtland region. In addition to the sale of environmental technology and the planning of modular system solutions, the focus of the company is on the service and maintenance of environmental systems and the supply of spare and wear parts. With its highly qualified employees, the company can access many years of experience in the field of environmental technology.

The focus at it is on the process of "bioextrusion". Due to fluctuating substrate prices and the unfavorable effects of monocultures, more and more biogas plant operators are looking for alternatives to conventional feedstocks such as maize. Bioextrusion makes it possible to use alternative materials such as straw or grass from landscape conservation for biogas plants and significantly increases the gas yield of established substrates.

New, innovative processes in the field of substrate preparation are tested in the in-house pilot plant together with partners from science and technology. The pilot plant is also available for tests with customer-specific material.

LMEngineering is your partner for extrusion technology, feeding technology and shredding technology.

shredding technology
feeding technology
extrusion technology

LMEngineering GmbH
Jocketa - Bahnhofstraße 34, 08543 Pöhl, Germany

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